Upgrade your existing

Security System

The Trouble, Alarm, and Notification Connector keeps you connected to the status of your home security, wherever you are.

  • No monthly fees
  • No 3rd party web sites
  • Email alerts
  • Remote arm/disarm
  • End to end SSL encryption

Web and mobile access to your security

Drop in a TANC to your existing security system and bring it into the 21st century. Get Web and mobile access, email alerts, virtual keypad, and one touch arming and disarming.

Maker Kit


  • Arduino-compatible microcontroller
  • ECP decoding firmware
  • 12v logic level signal converter
  • 3.3v operating level
  • JSON output over UART
  • For developers and installer pros



  • Complete drop-in system
  • Virtual keypad (Web based)
  • One-touch disarming
  • Email alerts
  • Event log review
  • 8 GB sd-card with latest Raspbian
  • TANC web app pre-installed
  • Cabling included